CheetahMail (Experian) further integrates email marketing and social media

Another provider of digital marketing solutions has chosen to go further on the path towards the integration of social media and email.

Experian Marketing Services has announced the “availability of extensive social media tools standard within its email application”. That email application of course is CheetahMail.

Now, didn’t CheetahMail have some social media possibilities already? Yes, it did: customers could use sharing tools, a.k.a. “Share With Your Network” or SWYN, Twitter features and Facebook features.

However, the company took the standard social media possibilities of CheetahMail a step further.

“Click-through activity for social media – focused email campaigns continues to increase”

The social media content tool allow clients’ email subscribers to “share emails on their social media pages and websites with ease”.

It also supports the optimization of email creative on mobile and social marketing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The purpose: “expanding opportunities for viral marketing and brand advocacy”.

Experian says that CheetahMail’s recent benchmark data analysis illustrated “that as email subscribers become increasingly aware of the ability to share with their networks, the click-through activity for social media – focused email campaigns continues to increase”.

As a regular visitor of this blog you knew that, right?

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