Report: engaging customers in e-service and social media

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In a first report, by Genesys and called ‘Creating Great Customer Conversations’, you find interesting data and tips by Genesys and Gartner on customer service interactions in this social media day and age.

Keywords: cross-channel and social networks.

According to Genesys, consumers are moving quickly to engage over multiple channels but enterprises have not kept pace with customer expectations.

Although the phone, email and self-service are still among the most preferred channels of customer service (see this post), the conclusions of the report are clear.

The cross-channel customer service and sales reality is going through changes and evolutions.

And yes, it’s all about social media: social media as a means to drive growth and engagement.

The report contains plenty of data regarding the rise of social networks (some a but outdated by now) but, more importantly, it provides some great tips on how to create a social media strategy to support your business goals, regarding as well the customer interactions, customer satisfaction as good old bottom-line.

You can download the free report here.

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