Report: engaging customers in e-service and social media

WhitepapergenesysThanks to a partnership with the people of NetLine, we can now offer you some relevant free white papers and reports.

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In a first report, by Genesys and called ‘Creating Great Customer Conversations’, you find interesting data and tips by Genesys and Gartner on customer service interactions in this social media day and age.

Keywords: cross-channel and social networks.

According to Genesys, consumers are moving quickly to engage over multiple channels but enterprises have not kept pace with customer expectations.

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Rick Liebling: it’s time to look at Consumer ROI and collaborate with consumers

RickLiebling The days of pushing ads, pulling consumers to websites or chasing consumers to assorted Social Networks are over. It’s time to collaborate with consumers to make goods and services better and more relevant.

Contributor Ambal Balakrishnan interviewed Rick Liebling, Global Director of Client Management at marketing communications agency Taylor and blogger at Eyecube about his marketing trends and predictions for this year.

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