Social media and search engine marketing: “SEO alone is not enough anymore”

Earlier today I wrote about how UK-based SEO Consult highlighted the importance of social media in SEO. I hardly, finished writing my post and in came another message from another search engine marketing agency regarding social media marketing.

This time it was a US-based agency, Submit Express, that got my attention by saying “Shift Happens: SEO Alone is Not Enough Anymore”.

The SEO firm’s Founder Pierre Zarokian will discuss the changes in the SEO market, including the impact of social media, at this week’s SMX West 2010 conference in Santa Clara.

The company emphasizes that, “while search engine optimization is still an incredibly important tool, it has to be considered as part of a company’s overall marketing strategy”.

I  couldn’t agree more. I have been repeating the same thing over and over regarding social media marketing too on this blog.

According to Submit Express, one of the main challenges that, I quote, “companies face is turning high search engine placement into more business”.

The SEO firm stresses the importance of integrating new tools such as social media marketing, Video SEO and local search.

Submit Express has a sister company, called iClimber, that offers social media services. These services include, besides the ‘usual suspects’ (like setting up social media sites) social bookmarking services.

I guess I don’t have to elaborate on the importance of social bookmarking for SEO…

Below you can watch an interview with Zarokian about social media and search engines that dates from October last year.

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