Aggressive marketing on social media destroys long-term value and influence

People There is a reason for direct response marketing’s relatively limited presence in social media: it is not the type of advertising that lends itself to long-term influence.

Not all marketing efforts are effective. From failed advertising campaigns to products that were simply designed erroneously from the start, a variety of marketers, businesses, and advertisers have been rejected, spat out, or otherwise pushed away by marketing outlets.

Social media is no different.

If your marketing efforts are not providing real value to your audience, it is unlikely that you will be met with a warm reception.

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Hone your efforts on prospective customers that can bring you real value, and you will be met with a more positive marketing experience.

Poor product, service, or business choices can kill credibility

The true power in social media only comes with a seasoned, trusted, and credible presence. While social media services are filled with opportunists and short-term thinkers, relatively few contain any presences that truly care about credibility.

Be different.

Marketing for marketing’s sake will hurt your credibility, especially when it is directed towards a poor product or service.

Focus on delivering value, and your sales will happen by themselves without a slice of effort.

Social media is known to some as “earned media.” Without earning your marketing platform, it is unlikely you will gain a valuable response from it.

Practice delivering an experience that brings people to your side, and then try to sell.

Short-term sales will always fail, and for good reason: social media users rarely trust new presences, super-marketers, and spam-style promoters.

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