Aggressive marketing on social media destroys long-term value and influence

People There is a reason for direct response marketing’s relatively limited presence in social media: it is not the type of advertising that lends itself to long-term influence.

Not all marketing efforts are effective. From failed advertising campaigns to products that were simply designed erroneously from the start, a variety of marketers, businesses, and advertisers have been rejected, spat out, or otherwise pushed away by marketing outlets.

Social media is no different.

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A multi-channel approach to email marketing

When we talk about communication or marketing channels, we’re really talking about all of the different avenues available to reach the target audience(s).

A list of possible channels might include email marketing, direct mail, social networking (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), blogging, online search features, advertising, article/editorial placement for educational purposes (in industry trade or consumer media outlets), exhibiting and conferences or trade shows, face-to-face communication, etc.

Integrating channels into an overall campaign isn’t simply about using more than one of the channels listed above.

It’s better to think of “integration” as incorporating a “multi-channel” approach to the campaign at hand. 

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