A multi-channel approach to email marketing

When we talk about communication or marketing channels, we’re really talking about all of the different avenues available to reach the target audience(s).

A list of possible channels might include email marketing, direct mail, social networking (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), blogging, online search features, advertising, article/editorial placement for educational purposes (in industry trade or consumer media outlets), exhibiting and conferences or trade shows, face-to-face communication, etc.

Integrating channels into an overall campaign isn’t simply about using more than one of the channels listed above.

It’s better to think of “integration” as incorporating a “multi-channel” approach to the campaign at hand. 

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Email remains the preferred channel of communication

Email is the preferred channel of communication for US consumers, followed by direct mail, social media and finally telemarketing.

These are the findings of a survey conducted last year by smartFOCUS, an international provider of multi-channel marketing software and services.

When asked to rank their preferred methods of receiving marketing messages from vendors, the majority of respondents (62%) said that email was their preferred channel of communication, followed by direct mail (23%), then social media (13%).

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