HauteLook chooses StrongMail to reach fashionistas fast and viral

It’s been a while, since I had time to do some industry news. After the longer posts of the last weeks, here is a first shorter one.

Online private sale site HauteLook has selected StrongMail to take care of its email marketing requirements. These include deliverability (getting out two million emails in less than five minutes), providing a higher level of personalization, and, I quote from the press release “driving incremental top-line revenue”.

The news obviously also interested me since there is a social media component.

As the press release says (yes, it’s Friday, quote day): “HauteLook is also leveraging StrongMail's social media solutions to deploy viral customer referral and rewards programs”.

HauteLook needs to have its sales alert emails in a very short time period. This is due to the nature of its business: the company provides its members “access to limited-inventory sales events that only last between 48 and 72 hours”.

In other words: speed is an issue and that’s one of the reasons why StrongMail’s burst email delivery technology was picked.

Exactly what social media solutions from StrongMail, HauteLook will use to get fashionistas viral is not mentioned, but I guess it’s StrongMail Influencer?

And for the fashionistas: you can also follow HauteLook on Facebook and Twitter.

Read the whole press release here.

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