The role of Twitter and blogs in lead generation for small and medium businesses

A recent report from HubSpot claims that inbound online marketing attracts more and cheaper leads small and medium businesses.

HubSpot, as you probably know, but for the record, an inbound online marketing platform and company, says that, well, what it does has the potential to double the average monthly leads for smaller and medium level businesses.

A company’s presence on Google as well as its customer base can take a hike if a community of followers is created through twitter and a regular influx of updated content on a blog is guaranteed.

Such a move also builds engagement for the company and plays an important role in netting far more potential customers, HubSpot found.  

Half of business-to-customer small and medium sized companies with a Twitter presence, generated double the number of leads developed by those who abstained from such a move, regardless of company size.

HubSpot found that companies with 100 to 500 followers on Twitter generated 146% more monthly leads than those with 21 to 100 followers. Beyond the threshold limit of 500 followers, there is no further gain.

Want to grow more leads? Write more blog posts

Blogging also plays a major role in increasing the monthly leads for companies. However, unlike Twitter its effect is similar on B2C or B2B companies.

The message, therefore, is clear. It is mandatory for businesses to ensure that they produce sufficient content for their blog.

It is only then that there can be a growth in leads. It must be understood that blogs play a major role not only in promoting engagement but also in increasing the number of pages they might have indexed by major search engines.

As per HubSpot more indexed pages on Google leads to the generation of more leads.
Every 50 to 100 more indexed pages can elevate lead generation by double.

Now that search engines include tweets and other real-time social media updates in their search results, they can also help companies improve their visibility on Google.  

HubSpot The State of Inbound Lead Generation

More data in HubSpot’s report “The Sate of Inbound Lead Generation” and on eMarketer.

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