Tips to use online videos to engage viewers

Many television advertisements are not effective (and I will not discuss the effectiveness of TV ads in general, they exist). They often fail to capture attention and are generally poor at engaging viewers.

Other television advertisements are very effective. They draw in viewers and even convert them to customers. Why the big difference? Simple. Because some advertisements connect and others do not.

Online videos are remarkably similar. For businesses they can be effective marketing tools but they can suffer from the same issues that often plague ineffective TV advertisements.

If you want your online video to remain effective, inspiring, and cause for real customer engagement, these tips might help you get there.

Explain what you want in person

Sometimes text is not a good medium for explaining what you need.

If your product, service, or offer requires a multi-step process or lengthy registration effort, an explanatory video can often be what is required for moving your “audience” through the process.

Explain step-by-step what is required, and do your best to make things simple and non-demanding for your audience or customers.

Get audiences involved, excited, and inspired

Many human rights revolutionaries won their battles for justice because they knew exactly how to inspire people towards action and progress. They inspired people to take back what they were entitled to, and ignore excuses that could otherwise cause inaction and complacency.

What many online brands lack is a penchant for inspiration. Use online video to give people a reason to be inspired and excited. But also give them a reason to share your online video if you use platforms such as YouTube.

Not only will you gain attention but also long-term trust.

Offer something that builds interest

For marketers, it can be a free report. For designers, it could be a sample page. For service providers, maybe a day of free service or discounted work.

No matter what field you work in or industry you sell to, you have an opportunity.

With video, that opportunity becomes super-powered.

Forget about convincing people to buy straight away and use video to highlight the benefits of simply being part of your community.

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