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Ebooksocialmedia In this digital and social media era, marketers are increasingly embracing digital technologies and try to stay up-to-date with emerging trends. This is a difficult exercise because as a marketer you tend to lose yourself in technologies, media and channels and tend to forget the bigger picture.

The real exercise is not to fully understand all digital channels (although I encourage you to do so) but to understand how you can use all these new social and other media for marketing purposes.

I am often asked, when writing for other blogs about social media marketing, to describe social media in simple terms or to tell people how to get started. I always try to answer, but it is a huge exercise.

It requires a lot of time but most of all, when you are so deep into social media marketing as I am, it is often tough to explain the basics without coming up with suggestions that go beyond the level of expertise of the person asking the question. Not that I’m smarter but it’s just what I do, you know.Socialbookmarking

So I am happy that in our paper library. there is now a revised edition of an eBook, that’s over 80 pages long, and really describes all emerging marketing technologies and social media.

The title is… “The Guide to Emerging Marketing Technology and Social Media”. Now, many of these technologies are already mainstream. But that’s in my geek opinion and even then, I liked to read it.

So, if you really want to know everything you need to know as a marketer about Twitter, Facebook, social media monitoring, social bookmarking, customer listening, blogging, LinkedIn, social media optimization, buzz monitoring, widgets, video sharing and customer listening: I promise you, this is the eBook every marketer that wants to understand all this stuff, needs to start with.

It’s written for marketers, full of data, graphics, best practices, check lists, mind maps and tips, and it also contains names of tools and services that help you with all your social media marketing tasks.

I would say that I give you back your money back if you don’t find useful stuff in it, but I can’t, since it’s free. But if what I write is not true, you can always complain by commenting on this post 🙂

You can download it here.

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