The integration of email marketing and other media: examples

Earlier this month I posted a text, called ‘Email marketing: integration with social media and other channels is the present’ with input from ESP GoldLasso.

In this post I take the integration possibilities a bit further. I again use content that the people of GoldLasso provide in their whitepaper. The reason I do that, is because integration of email marketing and other media is not new.

What is relatively new is the integration of email marketing with social media but there are much more possibilities to embrace other channels in email marketing.

Below are three examples of how to use integration from its most basic format to a more complex model.

Keep in mind that these examples are based on the concept of not only integrating channels, but also integrating the data collected for future use.

1. Distributing messages delivered in other channels to email

Delivering two messages in the same time window in two different channels (i.e. direct mail and email). Many marketers believe this will increase the performance of both messages because they are reinforcing the key messages and the call to action.

2. Distributing email messages to other channels

This is a newer tactic in the field. An example is sending a special offer email and then following up with a mobile message (to the recipient’s mobile phone) referencing and reinforcing the offer. This might also include including a reference to the offer on your Web site for people who double click on the offer in the email.

3. E-mail in a more complex communication model

This means connecting the customer with your overall brand and using email to extend the conversation and interaction you have with them. For example, you just visited a Web site and investigated a particular product. In this model, you might receive an email that some way builds on that behavior (i.e. “A new store is opening in your area that carries this product.)

When customers receive relevant, valuable and timely information that enhances their relationship with a brand, they are more likely to pay attention to future offers from the organization/brand.

Please add your examples and thoughts.

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