Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Marketing_automation_goldlasso It’s not very likely that the number of channels consumers use to gain information and interact with brands is going to reduce anytime soon. In fact, quite the opposite is likely and that means marketers must contend with and plan for a moving target. When you consider this new reality, marketing automation and integration solutions become not just a “nice to have”, but a “must have”.

US-based GoldLasso has released a whitepaper which hopefully will help corporations get a handle on automation and what they need to do to plan and implement it correctly.

The report: “Marketing Automation for Everyone Explained and Implemented”, is just 8 pages and it’s a great starting point for your company as you consider the power of automation.

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The integration of email marketing and other media: examples

Earlier this month I posted a text, called ‘Email marketing: integration with social media and other channels is the present’ with input from ESP GoldLasso.

In this post I take the integration possibilities a bit further. I again use content that the people of GoldLasso provide in their whitepaper. The reason I do that, is because integration of email marketing and other media is not new.

What is relatively new is the integration of email marketing with social media but there are much more possibilities to embrace other channels in email marketing.

Below are three examples of how to use integration from its most basic format to a more complex model.

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