Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Marketing_automation_goldlasso It’s not very likely that the number of channels consumers use to gain information and interact with brands is going to reduce anytime soon. In fact, quite the opposite is likely and that means marketers must contend with and plan for a moving target. When you consider this new reality, marketing automation and integration solutions become not just a “nice to have”, but a “must have”.

US-based GoldLasso has released a whitepaper which hopefully will help corporations get a handle on automation and what they need to do to plan and implement it correctly.

The report: “Marketing Automation for Everyone Explained and Implemented”, is just 8 pages and it’s a great starting point for your company as you consider the power of automation.

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Social media and inbound marketing in a cross-channel marketing strategy

When talking about cross-channel marketing we often think about digital and social media, while forgetting offline channels and customer interactions. Although a lot is happening online and mobile communications, emerging technologies and social media are very hot (and important) topics, cross-channel marketing and its challenges are not new.

In 2005, the MIT Center for eBusiness published a report, called “The Cross Channel Impact of Marketing Communications”. It showed that the cross-channel impact of marketing campaigns and programs was already a hot topic then, among others, because of the Internet.

All online channels, as they existed then, formed a challenge for cross-channel marketing and for a global and holistic look regarding the identification of the sources where customers and prospects came from and how their buying journey developed throughout all possible interactions.

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