Steve Woods on social media: interactions lead to insights and…better sales

For our Social Marketing Meetup, we recently organized in Antwerp, I asked some people from all over the world to share in just one minute by video what social media means to them, from their perspective.

The results are some home-made videos in which industry leaders express their opinions. One of them was Steve Woods, CTO of B2B marketing automation company Eloqua, whom I interviewed earlier and who was invited by my good friend Koen De Witte, whose company Lead’fabric is the European partner of Eloqua and recently concluded a partnership with leading demand generation agency Pedowitz Group.

Steve is a leading B2B sales and marketing strategist who wrote a great book, Digital Body Language (you can download some chapters here) and has an excellent blog with the same name.

Watch Steve Woods his one minute take on social media below.

By the way: in the LinkedIn Group of our Social Marketing Forum, Eloqua’s Joe Chernov posted information about a 42-page free social media playbook the marketing automation vendor just released (and that you’re invited to “steal”).

A must for every marketer and of course you can share your thoughts on the playbook with Joe in the LinkedIn Group.

But before you get it or download some free chapters from Steve’s Digital Body Language: here is the video.