Is social media really connecting us?

In the last five years, something truly amazing happened online: people started talking. On digital channels, that is. People have always been talking of course.

Websites popped up with the sole promise of connection, bringing people together through social profiles, chat-based applications, and providing almost every users out there with a PC or mobile device, internet connection, and time to spare the opportunity to connect with people from all over the globe.

The endless expansion of social media saw hundreds of websites and social networks created, each with a focus on a different type of connection. Some were interest-based, others were region-based, finally, a number of websites were designed without any focus on specialization, leading to the major social media platforms we know today. And let’s not forget how people started talking by creating their own websites: blogs.

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Viral marketing: how to create and guide controversy

If you have a healthy interest in social media, it should not be surprising to find yourself spending an hour or two a day reading through tech websites, looking at controversies and discussions of the social media world.

From Facebook to Myspace, social media companies are constantly in the news, drawing criticism and controversy for their decisions. It is not limited to the major players, either. Check out any major technology website and you will see links to hundreds of small companies that are becoming involved in scandalous, controversial stories.

This constant barrage of controversy does two things to your news intake.

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