A list of email marketing tips

Email marketing tips Although this blog is about more than email marketing (viral marketing, social media marketing, social email marketing, etc.), I noticed that since launching it on December 13 last year, I’ve posted quite some content on email marketing.

Much of it concerns email marketing research, but I calculated that in total, there are already over 30 email marketing tips. Maybe I overdid it a bit in 3 weeks?

Anyway, for those that are looking for email marketing tips: I bundled a selection on a page that provides you a nice overview (you'll need to scroll a bit though).

So instead of searching them, you simply click here and have them all. At your service!

Some simple email marketing tips for businesses, big or small

Here are some more easy email marketing tips for everyone, no matter the size of the company or demographics of leads.

1. Build relationships with clients to get leads

Capturing emails from any customer -whether they walk into your store or buy an online product from you -is preeminent to successful email marketing. To build relationships, you can see out clients in different ways, namely marketing on the web with SEO, social media, and more forms of advertising such as banner ads or linking.

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