Word-of-mouth in the digital age: introducing “word-of-mouth equity”

Recommendations One of the “marketing techniques” that thrived in the recession year 2009, was word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth is a natural human phenomenon, word-of-mouth marketing is a set of techniques and strategies to strengthen and induce it.

There is a lot of confusion about the differences between viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, buzz marketing, connected marketing and even social media marketing. 

However, as I explained in previous posts, word-of-mouth has always been around, as well as word-of-mouth marketing.

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Razorfish: cloud services are a necessity to deliver on the promise of social brands

When international ‘social influence marketing’ agency Razorfish (part of the Publicis Groupe VivaKi organization) releases a new study, I always get kind of excited.

That’s not because I’m a complete geek or freak but because the studies and reports Razorfish publishes are not only extremely insightful but also, well, extremely beautiful.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at last year’s great Fluent report I posted about earlier (have to talk about that one soon again, it’s so full of information) and that should be in your bookmarks. Anyway, as you could guess by now, Razorfish has published a new report.

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