Twitter and journalism: my view on George Packer’s so-called “Twitter attack”

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks, so I missed some things. That’s not a problem. The world doesn’t stop turning if you miss out on something as a blogger. It doesn’t stop turning if you don’t blog for a while, and it surely doesn’t stop turning when you stop blogging or everyone else on this planet stops blogging.

It does get increasingly polluted though and there are lots of unhappy creatures, including human beings, on it. George Packer, who inspired me for this post, I’m sure, met a lot of unfortunate people. However, still the world doesn’t stop turning.

So, one of the things I missed was the famous article (at least, famous on Twitter and in ‘social media expert’ opinions) by George Packer about Twitter. As you probably know, unless you were doing other stuff like me, there was a whole fuzz about what Mr. Packer, who is an experienced journalist, to say the least, wrote about Twitter.

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