People and social media for a world without torture

World without torture

In one month, on June the 26th, it’s the “United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture”.

For the IRCT, abbreviation for “The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims”, today is the start of a large, worldwide campaign to help raise awareness for the problem of torturing and the effects of it for its victims.

The IRCT is a worldwide organization which helps the torture survivors to start building a new life for themselves, and at the same time fights to ban torturing from the planet entirely.

Like every NGO, the organization greatly depends on the support of donors and people’s goodwill.

This year, the IRCT plans to more than ever denounce the problem of torture and the effects of it, and continue the battle against it.

With this, the IRCT calls upon people but even more so upon the media which nowadays connect people and therefore make it possible for NGO’s to mobilize the world on a bigger scale, and with a larger and faster reach: social media.

This happens through the “World without Torture” campaign, which has the goal to make the dream of a world without torture reality, with the use of a Facebook and Twitter account, amongst other things.

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Paid brand conversations on the rise: transparency is a myth, money makes the social media world go round

Money A study from PQ Media has found that more brands are likely to compensate bloggers and social media users in an attempt to generate chatter about their products. The press release about the report doesn’t really say if in these practices clear and obvious links between the posts/tweets/whatever and the advertisers exist for the people who take the effort to tweet, buzz, share, bookmark, retweet, like or simply ‘read’ them.

Maybe the report tells more about it, but I don’t really feel like paying $1,295 to find out and I guess the relationships between the ‘social influencers’ and the brands that reward them are not always clear since PQ Media uses the word ‘controversial’. And, let’s face it, we all know business is business. 

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