Will social media kill our sex life?

I just got a newsletter from MediaPost in my inbox. The main story was titled “Survey: 7% of Social Network Users Would Look at Messages During Sex”.

It made me smile and reminded me of my days as a publisher. Of course, the people at MediaPost are publishers, and I guess they know that a headline containing the word sex usually gets some more eyeballs. So I took it a step further and titled this post ‘Will social media kill our sex life?”.

I bet some readers of this post will read this because they worry (“what, no more sex because my partner is on Facebook all day, tomorrow I throw out my computer”) and, yes, some visitors will probably come via Google after having typed in a phrase like “how to use social media to find a sex partner”.

OK, enough fun. What the article in MediaPost is really tackling is the issue of how addictive social media can be. And that’s no fun.

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