Email marketing: improving the unsubscribe process

Michele Linn End of last year, I posted a text, called ‘an unsubscribe is an opportunity‘, explaining how an unsubscribe is an opportunity to communicate with the recipients of your emails and to better understand the preferences of the people in your emailing list.

Contributor and B2B marketing consultant Michele Linn looks at it from a personal perspective and points out some tips for email marketers.

I recently was out of town for a few days, and I came back to a deluge of email. I found it oddly liberating to purge much of my email without even reading it (unless it was from a client or a friend, it went in the trash). And you know what? I didn’t miss any of it.

Now, if I receive an email from a company or organization I rarely read, I am mercilessly unsubscribing. You would think all companies would handle the unsubscribe process the same, but they don’t. And this got me thinking.

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