People are social networks – thinking about Joël de Rosnay

Joël de Rosnay When reading and rewriting the text I just posted, I had to think about Joël de Rosnay. You might have never heard of the man. He is a biologist, futurologist and much more.

For those that understand French, here is his Wikipedia profile (and there’s always Google Translate).

In 1995, de Rosnay wrote a book, called « L’Homme symbiotique ».

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Engagement marketing: the human dimension

Remember I talked about the definition of engagement marketing this week, and that I found a nice description on Wikipedia?

Well, there was more on Wikipedia about engagement marketing. Wikipedia referred to an interview with Henry Jenkins DeFlorz, who is Professor of Humanities and Founder and Director of the Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT.

In the interview the psychological and sociological aspect of engagement marketing shows. Now it’s time to share a little secret: I know a lot about psychology, sociology, philosophy and anthropology. Together with interactive and social marketing, they’re my main areas of interest.

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