Email marketing tip #2: make abundant use of hyperlinks

Including more hyperlinks in emails increases both opening rate and click-through rate.

The differences in the opening and click-through rates in function of the number of hyperlinks in the e-mail are not dramatic but still significant.

The opening rate of e-mails with 25 or more hyperlinks is 12% higher than that of emails with fewer than 25 links.

The click-through rate is 29% higher.

6 thoughts on “Email marketing tip #2: make abundant use of hyperlinks”

  1. Where are you getting this data from? What is your sample size? What is the demographic of your data? What times were these emails sent at? What days were they sent on? What industry was it in?
    How was this research conducted?

  2. Good point, Brad, I’ll have to look them up for you. This blog may be just one month old but the guy that’s running it not so these data might be a bit older. Will look it up. Allow me some time, kind of busy. If I don’t get them in a week, just reply again saying “well, where are these data coming from now?”. Deal?

  3. Ya, it is really dated and not a very reliable data source. Some peer reviewed articles would make your marketing tip a lot more credible.
    I think this marketing tip needs some more research.

  4. It is. Been trying to find new data and shouting out on Twitter but nothing yet. Will ask some other email marketers.

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