MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10: “email subject lines are the new Twitter for emarketers”

Our man in Miami (who by now must be our man somewhere in Europe) sent some more impressions of MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10, more precisely of the last day of the event.

He writes that this last day was all about social and permission marketing. It struck him that the US (opt-out) market is using the advantage of working in a 100% opt-in concept too now.

And that was exactly the link between social media, deliverability and the topics of the last day, Kenny says.

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Email marketing tip #2: make abundant use of hyperlinks

Including more hyperlinks in emails increases both opening rate and click-through rate.

The differences in the opening and click-through rates in function of the number of hyperlinks in the e-mail are not dramatic but still significant.

The opening rate of e-mails with 25 or more hyperlinks is 12% higher than that of emails with fewer than 25 links.

The click-through rate is 29% higher.