Social media marketing: retain social connections by being consistent and offering value

On social media there are quite some marketers and “entrepreneurs” that rush to provide a solution to problems that exist in the now. They sometimes end up succeeding. Earnings rush in and everything appears to be golden.

Of course, there is a downside. For short-term thinkers and instant entrepreneurs, that downside is the quick fall-off that comes with short-term income. Social media marketing isn’t about short-term quick wins, of course if your business wants to use social media in a professional way. It is about long-term strategies and relationships.

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Content repurposing: how to give new life to existing content

Ambal Balakrishnan from Click Documents Ambal Balakrishnan from Click Documents last week invited Beth Hrusch to discuss about Repurposing Content. Beth is Senior Editor at Interact Media, a content marketing software company.

Did you know that you are creating content for your business on a daily basis?  Every time you write a memo, post a blog, record a workshop, or put together a PowerPoint presentation, you’re creating useful content. 

Did you ever wonder what else you could do with it all?

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