Social media marketing: retain social connections by being consistent and offering value

On social media there are quite some marketers and “entrepreneurs” that rush to provide a solution to problems that exist in the now. They sometimes end up succeeding. Earnings rush in and everything appears to be golden.

Of course, there is a downside. For short-term thinkers and instant entrepreneurs, that downside is the quick fall-off that comes with short-term income. Social media marketing isn’t about short-term quick wins, of course if your business wants to use social media in a professional way. It is about long-term strategies and relationships.

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Succeeding in content marketing: five tips

Here is another great post by Click Documents on content marketing.

It contains five tips that just might help you to become a content marketing winner.

Do you feel like a content marketing loser? Like even though you’re using the same strategies as the celebrity bloggers, the crowd keeps passing you by?

Then read on.

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