MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10: “email subject lines are the new Twitter for emarketers”

Our man in Miami (who by now must be our man somewhere in Europe) sent some more impressions of MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10, more precisely of the last day of the event.

He writes that this last day was all about social and permission marketing. It struck him that the US (opt-out) market is using the advantage of working in a 100% opt-in concept too now.

And that was exactly the link between social media, deliverability and the topics of the last day, Kenny says.

This is what he writes: “social media are used to get the right contacts, expand the network, build relationships and get people subscribing for your opt-in list”.

Our man followed the presentation of Dela Quist and, particularly liked how he said that when you buy an email list your thought is “rape & pillage” not “nurture”. 

Kenny: “during his fascination presentation Dela was talking about how to set up permission marketing in a multi-channel world”.

A quick overview of Dela’s quotes as Kenny sent them:

  • Email subject lines are the new Twitter for emarketers. Take that space and be creative!
  • Opens and CTR are a stethoscope: they can only tell you if the person is not dead.
    But what % opens at least 1x/yr?
  • Forget relevance – it’s about value! Value has relevancy. Relevance may not have value.
  • Don’t drive people to your website, seduce them.
  • Difference between B2B & B2C? Same guy, suit vs. baseball hat – still need to deliver value.
  • You’re NOT sending too many emails. You’re not. You’re sending permission marketing. Stop fear and self-loathing in email!

Some strong quotes indeed.

All coverage from MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit ’10 here.

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