Main email marketing challenges for 2010: inbox clutter and relevant content

The survey of 300 email marketers that Silverpop conducted (see today’s earlier post) and that showed increasing customer loyalty is the top email marketing goal for 2010, also looked at the main email marketing challenges for 2010.

Among these main challenges in email marketing the Silverpop survey found “inbox clutter” with 37% of respondents.

Silverpop refers to data from Forrester Research that estimated a while ago that consumers will receive more than 9,000 email marketing messages a year by 2014.

22% of email marketers also said they will struggle with “providing timely and relevant content.”

I guess that’s good news for the content providers.

We all (should) know that the main reason for unsubscribes is irrelevant content.

In its press release Silverpop refers to MarketingSherpa that has indeed reported that lack of relevance is the No. 1 reason people unsubscribe to email programs.

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