18 to 25-year olds prefer contact via social media platforms

End of last year, a survey conducted by smartFOCUS found that e-mail remains the preferred channel of communication for consumers.

The survey also asked consumers about their involvement in social media direct marketing.

Social media marketing was found to be significant, with 40% of respondents stating they receive correspondence from vendors on the social networking sites they use, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Nearly one in five people (17%) had volunteered or requested that companies actively contact or update them via these social media platforms.

Mainly, the 18 to 25-year olds said they preferred contact via social media platforms.

Curt Bloom, President of smartFOCUS said: “With platforms such as Facebook reaching 300 million active users, we continue to see that businesses and retailers who ignore the potential of social media do so at their own peril.”

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