Should you write the content for your blog yourself?

The best way to create content for your blog is to do it yourself. Authenticity, remember?

However, in contrast to many blog marketing experts, for instance, I believe this does not mean you must at all times write yourself. It’s better too but sometimes it’s not necessary. Let me give you an example. 

Imagine that there were interactive media such as blogs, Facebook pages and email when Einstein, Freud, Darwin, Copernicus, or any other great thinker you can think off, lived and worked.

Do you think they would blog? My guess: no way. They were too busy to discover things that would alter the way human kind looked at the world, life, and human kind itself.

If I had the opportunity, I would gladly talk to them every single day, set up a blog for them and write posts so that their discoveries would be shared around the world. It’s an extreme example but I guess you know what I mean. 

Sometimes great minds can’t put a word on paper, should their thoughts be lost for the world?

Do great thinkers blog?

Maybe, at this very point in time, someone is discovering what will influence our future in a dramatic way, and he is blogging about it but no one reads it because he has no clue how to write great headlines or whatever.

And, as I said, before the biggest thinkers seldom blog, they don’t have the time for it (except if their business is earning money with their thinking as so many marketing experts do).

I am not a great thinker, and I have time to blog. However, rarely I don’t do it myself. If you have a corporate blog, you don’t have to post every day but with my blog, I want to try. So, yes, now and then I use content from others, like guest posts, and sometimes, when I have no time at all, I do ask a copywriter or fellow blogger to cover something for me.

Why? Because I care about the topics I blog about and the people taking the time to share this with me and thus reading my posts. 

And in the end, that’s all that matters. 

Should you blog yourself? As much as you can. However, don’t be a fanatic. Ideas, insights and community prevail over rules. Again, rules are there to break.

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