Social media marketing in the overall marketing strategy

In a cross-channel and integrated marketing reality, social media marketing is not an isolated marketing strategy. On the contrary: social media marketing is very customer-centric and by definition cross-channel. And it certainly should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Use all communication channels your business has and let them leverage each other. Social media campaigns mostly start from an integrated and holistic viewpoint with the ‘user’ or customer as the main focus.

Do not forget that the various social media networks attract different audiences and offer a different kind of interaction. There is a huge difference between LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace.

However, there is a much bigger difference between these players and social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, slideshare and Delicious.

Social media are a way for businesses to communicate about their products and offers. However, it’s, conversely, also a way to get to know your customers and get feedback.

Furthermore, social media are more than just a way to listen and to distribute promotions. You can also use it to share relevant content and information that is not promotional.

A global perspective on social media marketing further means that you have the necessary strategic objectives and metrics to define and optimize the value and impact of your social media marketing campaigns, both for your company and for the users of social media.

In terms of social media and the campaigns themselves, it finally means that you should try to connect various social channels and even that you should try to add a social dimension to more traditional marketing channels such as email marketing.

Ultimately, it’s about the value of the content and about providing appropriate dissemination mechanisms to your target audience.

And do not forget that you should deal with the content that your audience generates too!

Not only by listening and responding but also to share valuable content and information that your community generates, thus putting your most active and valuable followers, friends or brand lovers in the spotlight!

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