Social media and PR

I might be repeating myself but social media are really affecting everything. Including PR.

Here are some takeaways from a blog post on Marketing Advisor about the influence of the social media marketing revolution on public relations.

According to a certain Joel Leyden the new and relevant media news channels are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SEO optimized Web and news content. 

Leyden: “when classic PR, advertising, marketing and branding integrates with Web 2.0, New Media and social networking the results are nothing less than dazzling”. 

PR professionals must be into Web 2.0, social media and social networking

Social media, including blogs, are important in modern public relations “Today”, Leyden says, “a news release or PR which is sent out over the Internet using one of the several PR news release carriers, can be tracked. The demographics, impressions and read throughs can and our monitored. And the results can be provided to the client for fine tuning”. 

“As the Internet moved into Web 2.0 becoming far more interactive with applications such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sending and receiving information in real time, many PR professionals were forced to discover the practical use of new media, social networking and SEO”.

One conclusion for those that want to recruit PR professionals today: you want to know how long have they been working on the Internet, how many friends do they have on Facebook or followers on Twitter and are they really into social networking? 

Read the full post here.

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