Recent data regarding the use of social media in businesses aggregated

I tweeted, retweeted, bookmarked or Facebooked this earlier (I don’t even remember when and how) but finally found the time to write a bit about it. Two recent studies conclude that “social media are becoming a viable tool in a business marketing mix”. 

I haven’t checked them in detail (which I usually do) but limited myself to some key data, based on this 11 days old blog post on brand strategist Valeria Maltoni’s Conversation Agent (hope you don’t mind, Valeria) since she also adds some nice stats, data from Forrester, etc.

As always, be careful with studies because for each one that says social media marketing is booming, there is one that says something else 🙂

However, I guess that with the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) 3rd Annual Marketing Trends Study and The CMO Survey undertaken by the Duke University Fuqua School of Business and the American Marketing Association, we are quite safe.

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A word for companies that still don’t have a blog

You would be surprised if you knew how many companies are still doubting in this social networking day and age, whether they should start a blog or not.

Although blogging might sound ‘old school’ to the first movers out there, the reality is different. Blogs are social media and often the hub of social media.

And, yes, many companies still have to be convinced. When companies consider starting their own blog or even joining the conversations on other people’s blogs these good intentions still often bring with them dozens of questions. ‘Should we blog?’ ‘What should we blog about?’ ‘What about the legal aspects?’ ‘What if we receive negative feedback?’ ‘Where do we start?’
For those companies: some arguments why they finally might take a risk.

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