Crowdsourcing and social media as a way to find new employees

One of the hardest tasks for any online business is finding great, reliable, and ultra-talented employees.

Especially if you’re looking for specific profiles that are hard to find because everyone wants them. Businesses and recruitment firms use all possible channels they have: their own databases, connections, online and offline media etc.

I don’t have to tell you that you also see more and more job offerings on social media like Twitter and of course via LinkedIn.

Traditional job websites are not fantastic. In the best case they offer a great deal of candidates but little in the way of remarkable personnel.

Furthermore, classified websites typically result in an endless barrage of emails.

Instead of marketing for jobs through the typical channels, use your social media presence to attract new employees, contractors, and even marketers for your business.

The top presences almost always check social media first, and by using it to your advantage you can tailor your results to only include the best of the best.

And ouf course there is crowdsourcing. OK, this is a short post (for once) but what I would like to know is, besides LinkedIn, Twitter and social networks in general, what ways of crowdsourcing do you see fit to find new employees?

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