Why user-generated reviews matter in online retail


Earlier this month, eMarketer wrote about a study conducted by The e-tailing group and Power Reviews that again underlined the fact that a big chunk of Internet users research online before making any type of purchase.

They hold the opinion that conducting their own research online saves their time and makes them confident about their purchases. You probably knew that. Confidence, peer-to-peer, user reviews, influence, social media, trust, online media and information gathering prior to actual purchase are closely related.

The study also found that the sites of retailers play a critical role in the research phase of the buying journey of “consumers”. Now, isn’t that great news?

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Crowdsourcing and social media as a way to find new employees

One of the hardest tasks for any online business is finding great, reliable, and ultra-talented employees.

Especially if you’re looking for specific profiles that are hard to find because everyone wants them. Businesses and recruitment firms use all possible channels they have: their own databases, connections, online and offline media etc.

I don’t have to tell you that you also see more and more job offerings on social media like Twitter and of course via LinkedIn.

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