How European businesses are trying out Twitter

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal, posted an interesting article about the ways businesses are trying out Twitter.

Readers from the US might think “so what” since, as is often the case in new interactive marketing areas, the US has a leading position when it comes down to the corporate use of social media and Twitter.

However, in the article the Wall Street Journal looked at how European firms are trying out Twitter.

As it suits a quality newspaper, the WSJ reports about real-life examples of European executives and businesses using Twitter, sometimes with success, sometimes with less success.

There is also the inevitable expert view (Forrester Research in this case) and Loïc Lemeur threw in his vision too. 

Loïc is introduced as the founder of Seesmic (the guys that took over recently, remember?) but in Europe he is better known among marketers as the former Executive Vice President of Six Apart, the guys behind TypePad that powers this blog, and the organizer of the very popular LeWeb conference in Paris.

It’s an interesting article to read and certainly for the UK visitors of this blog because it contains some data regarding the use of Twitter in the U.K. Estimates say that traffic on Twitter in the U.K. has grown to 3.3 million unique visitors per month.

Finally, Forrester Research found that around 80% of the 30 major brands use Twitter for daily tweets.

You can read the full article here (if you are a registered user of the WSJ Europe).

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