Creating a better customer experience: the fifty percent rule

Marc Sokol Picture Let me introduce you to a new contributor to this blog. I’m very pleased to have him here since he is specialized in organizational dynamics and a true expert in creating better customer connections from a psychological, organizational and human viewpoint.


Welcome to Marc Sokol from M Squared Group. You can read more about Marc at the bottom of this first post he sent us, introducing the fifty percent rule.

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Email marketing: the risks of comparing your open rates and click-through rates with those of others

The most used tactical metrics in email marketing still include the ‘open rate’ and the ‘click rate’ or ‘click-through rate’ (CTR). 

Just as a reminder: the ‘open rate’ is a percentage that expresses the ratio between the number of emails that are delivered to the recipient (all emails that reached the inbox) and the number of subscribers who actually opened the mail. 

The CTR is the number of emails that were clicked at least once, divided by the number of delivered emails. 

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