The social media landscape and where we fit in: a case study

Ryan_Schoenefeld_1 I’m pleased to introduce you to a new contributor. Ryan Schoenefeld is a recent graduate from St. Cloud State University, in which he focused on public relations, graphic design, digital marketing and communication. He has proven his social media marketing skills as you can read in his bio below. I’m glad Ryan decided to contribute to this blog that he has been following for quite a while now. Enough said, time for Ryan’s post.

In this day and age it has become increasingly important to create a business model that focuses on social media integration. With this in mind, an organization should obviously not stray from normal day-to-day business operations, but should consider establishing an on-line organizational presence.

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Are you ready to defend your social media spend?

Mark Price I have the pleasure to introduce you to yet another contributor. His name is Mark Price and he is Managing Partner at M Squared Group.

Mark is a leader, writer, speaker and consultant on how to increase revenue by retaining and growing best customers by improving their experience. Mark also blogs on Cultivating Your Customers.

In his first post, Mark focuses on the question how you can support your social media spending to the CFO? An excellent read about an issue many marketers struggle with!

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