Content, conversion and the integration of search, social and email marketing

Marketers need to have teasing and effective content on their web sites and blogs to attract visitors and customers. They need persuasive content in their emails. And, after all, that’s what search engine marketing is about as well: getting visitors to your website or to a specific landing page by offering consistent and relevant content. Blog marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, they all have one thing in common: they aim to attract, be found and persuade. But is it any different than in email marketing and what skills do we need?

We all know that content is crucial in SEO and that the words in a search engine ad are key to conversion. We also know that content is essential in the post-click process, email marketing and in social media.

Valuable and relevant content is what makes people click a link, take action, download something, further discover your site or blog and share information with others over social networks. The content that matters, however, is the content you need for your – prospective – customers and business goals.

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Email marketing: 5 tips for effective email copywriting

I found this interesting post via the Email Institute and got the kind permission to share it with you.

In these social media times, I can’t emphasize the importance of share-worthy and relevant copy enough.

But marketers have always known that effective copy is crucial, even before social media existed and, yes, even before email existed.

Here is a good reminder with tips for effective email copywriting!

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