Facebook: “Like” is liked but do you like it? I bet Google doesn’t

I’ve been playing around with Facebook’s “I like this” or, if you prefer, “I recommend this” button and have manually implemented it on top of some posts like this one. I also checked out all the other new Social Graph related features that Facebook added.

Indeed, manually, because although the blog platform I use, TypePad, was the first in the “Like” button program, it hasn’t really done spectacular things with it yet but, then again, it's all so new.

You can add a “Like” or "Recommend" button for your blog in general via TypePad, but as far as I can tell, it’s impossible on a post basis, unless you have access to the source code of TypePad.

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Facebook F8: the main announcements and a small fairy tale

Mark zuckerberg I guess no one needs this blog to know about all the new features Facebook plans to roll out (and has rolled out).

Yesterday, the company killed the fans. And today it’s creating a lot of excitement and buzz with an avalanche of new features, services and partnerships on its F8 developer event.

What can I offer you? A summary of what has been and is being announced and a fairy tale.

First the summary.

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