Email marketing: creating a call to action using the right words and stories

The most important part of any text marketing resource is the final section: the call to action.

From direct mail marketing all the way to the online world, the most effective sales pages and promotional emails are designed with a clear call to action, whether it is calling for people to buy their product, donate to their cause, or even simply visit their website.

Success as an email marketer is dependent on a lot of things. The call to action is both psychology and mathematics; marketers need to understand basic psychology and emotional actions to implement it, and then require mathematical analysis abilities to hone and test it.

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Email marketing: love is in the air (and soon in the inbox)

Marketers have always embraced special events (should I mention the Superbowl, the Olympic Games and Christmas?) to reach out to their (potential) customers. One of the events that’s approaching fast is Valentine’s day.   

As Valentine’s Day comes closer some companies start sending promotional emails on great gifts. They all try to influence the reader with romantic messages, useful tips and emotional call to actions. Did you plan to do the same?   

Here are some tips I ran into on the blog of Campaigner, following a press release the ESP sent yesterday.

Protus’ Campaigner, a Canadian email marketing service provider, is helping small businesses target their perfect match with email marketing campaigns focused on the most romantic day of the year.

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