Ask a question to Seth Godin

A while ago I wrote a post about Seth Godin coming to mainland Europe. Well, it was more a post to Seth Godin (can you use a blog as a messaging system?).

So, in case you don’t know, Seth is talking a bit everywhere in Europe these days, and if I’m right, he will be talking in Antwerp today or tomorrow or was it yesterday, don’t know really (BTW, Antwerp is in Belgium in case you don’t know).

I just got a DM from a Belgian friend who says that the people of WDM Central (who seem to love data if you check out their site, “Data is the new oil”) will be organizing a live chat with Seth tomorrow.

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Some thoughts about social media, Seth Godin, Frank Furedi, thinkers and collaboration

Twitter is a great thing. And I’m not talking about marketing or traffic building or whatever now. It’s a great thing because it allows you to connect with people. Well, we shouldn’t need Twitter or other social media to connect with people around us all the time. But if you live in France and want to connect with someone in India, Guatemala or Australia, it’s kind of handy.

Connecting with people on social media is just the start. Connecting, sending direct messages, etc. is a bit like dating. You gradually get to know each other.

Now, if you just start with Twitter: don’t think you will connect with everyone. If you have 100 followers, you can praise yourself lucky if one of them ultimately becomes a real relationship and seems to be someone you might ultimately want to call a friend or even a soulmate. The important thing is what happens after the connecting.

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