Online help systems and social media customer service: choice and usability

Social media are said to be great for customer service purposes. And many companies do have a social media presence to service their customers. I guess you know the names of those that do it successfully on Twitter, for instance. 

Last week-end I noticed a tweet from someone asking for help from a well-known software company by tweeting that he needed support and stating why, using the @company.

I asked him – via Twitter – to tell me if the company would answer. Later he tweeted me that they didn’t but that they helped him elsewhere online. Today I read that the company did help him via Twitter. So, kudos to the software company.

However, this small story made me think. I know how frustrating it can be if you have a problem with the software you rely on everyday, and I can be extremely impatient to get help then myself. 

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Help, my blog doesn’t get comments

Of course my blog gets comments. And it also gets comment spam. Why the title of this post then?

Because it’s a post about what is known as “online participation inequality” (think Jakob Nielsen) and written by our contributors from Click Documents, based upon a Harvard Business Publishing article.

Now, it dates back from December, but I thought it was very interesting, so I decided to share it here. It provides insights as well as tips.

So read on below and please share your comments (but no comment spam please).

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