Junta42: social media, blogs and email newsletters lead in content marketing

Joe Pulizzi’s Junta42 released the results of the “3rd Annual 2010 Junta42 Content Marketing Spending Survey”.

The main finding is that content marketing spending will continue to rise in 2010: 60% of the surveyed marketers said that they will increase their spending this year. According to the report that’s the third year in a row that marketers will put more budgets into content marketing.

7% of respondents said they are decreasing their spending. The report also found that the average content marketing budgets are 33% of the total marketing budget. In 2008 it was 29%.

An interesting result, for me at least, is that small companies spend more than 2x the amount on content marketing as in comparison to larger companies.  Finally, this, I quote, “of all content areas, marketers are increasing their focus on mobile content solutions more than any other area (as a % growth from 2009)”. That growth percentage is 63%, to be precise.

The main content areas, however, are “new media content products”: almost 3/4 are leveraging content through social media and “a majority is tapping into blogs and eNewsletters. White papers and case studies continue to be mainstays in the content marketing portfolio”. I find it a bit weird that eNewsletters are included and wonder how the split is done regarding investments in this (and, in fact, other areas). A newsletter is not just about content, right?

In case you want to find out more about what content marketing is and can do, it happens that I interviewed Joe a few days ago and that interview should be online next week if all goes well (still lots to do between now and then).

So, stay tuned.

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