Getting started with content marketing: Michele Linn’s 7-step plan

Michele_Linn Since content is key in many of the topics this blog is about, lately we have been writing a lot about the several dimensions and aspects of content in various forms of communication.

In this post, Michele Linn, shares a 7-step plan to get started with content marketing.

A few years ago, my husband and I were preparing for our daughter’s arrival. Like many parents-to-be, we wanted to have everything ready before we brought our daughter home.

Not only were we prepping the nursery, but we also started thinking about everything from childproofing the house to saving for her college education. It was positively overwhelming!

It’s easy to feel the same way when planning your content marketing strategy.

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Article marketing: an interview with the founders of

Do you remember that I announced a while ago that I was going to take a closer look at content-related (but very different) topics such as article marketing, syndicated content, content marketing and much more? Well, I’m still busy doing it.

The effort has resulted in a lot of work and testing but also in a few interviews with people such as Christopher Knight ( and Joe Pulizzi (Junta42).

When interviewing Bryan Eisenberg, there was quite some content-related stuff going on too. On top of that, thanks to our contributor Ambal Balakrisnahan, we can bring you more posts regarding content marketing. In this post, however, I am going to talk about article marketing again.

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