MillwardBrown and Cymfony team up to determine effects of share of voice across social media properties

Earlier this week, Millward Brown and its ‘digital unit’ Dynamic Logic sent out a press release announcing a partnership with Cymfony.

With the partnership the company will, and I quote, “integrate analysis of the millions of discussions occurring everyday on social media sites, blogs and message forums into their established suite of digital, media and marketing solutions”. 

The purpose is to enable brands to have a better view on their performance from the customer view point. 

In English: ad measurement specialist MillwardBrown is going to look at word of mouth, social media conversations and all kinds of social media buzz, on top of its existing ad measurement metrics that you all know.

I guess the people at Cymfony have reasons to celebrate and their competitors in the social media analysis space reasons to be a bit envious.

Let me give some ‘share of voice’ to Dynamic Logic’s Ali Rana, Vice President of Emerging Media, who proudly had this to say in the press release: “We have long been able to measure the brand impact of advertising within social media, whether it is Facebook fan pages, YouTube branded pages or MySpace music sponsorship programs, through our partnership with Cymfony, we can now determine the effect these campaigns have on share of voice across social media properties, providing a critical dimension that clients are looking for.”

Read the full press release here.

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