Giedrius Ivanauskas: the balance in communication power between brand and consumer

Giedrius Ivanauskas The power of the consumers in social media can be deceiving. According to Taylor Ellwood’s post, only consumers with large lists of followers can be actually influential. It is a really straight forward and natural assumption, but it presents quite an interesting opportunity for the brands working in social media.

Why? Brands and people related to big brands (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Seth Godin) usually attract the biggest crowds of followers on social media properties. These social accounts have indisputably greater social influence than normal personal accounts.

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MillwardBrown and Cymfony team up to determine effects of share of voice across social media properties

Earlier this week, Millward Brown and its ‘digital unit’ Dynamic Logic sent out a press release announcing a partnership with Cymfony.

With the partnership the company will, and I quote, “integrate analysis of the millions of discussions occurring everyday on social media sites, blogs and message forums into their established suite of digital, media and marketing solutions”. 

The purpose is to enable brands to have a better view on their performance from the customer view point. 

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