enhances mobile collaboration possibilities

Probably most of you will know It’s a web based content management and collaboration tool. It’s a bit comparable to Basecamp but there are differences between both.

I have been using Basecamp myself for ages, but recently I moved to For two simple reasons.

First, offers everything I need at a lower price. But most of all, has great integration possibilities with platforms such as LinkedIn,, eFax, Twitter, Google Apps, Zoho and Ning (via “OpenBox”), to name just a few.

And I haven’t even mentioned the possibilities to post from to your blog.

Anyway, that’s a personal note, Basecamp is great but simply suits me better. Social and integrated, remember?

Today, unveils three updates that enhance collaboration on its mobile platform.

The first one is a new iPhone application. Next there is integration with the Quickoffice mobile office suite. And, finally new OpenBox Mobile APIs should enable developers to, I quote, “empower today’s increasingly mobile workforce to access, share and collaborate on business content across platforms and devices”.

The new iPhone app is of course available via the iTunes App store. What’s new? More collaboration possibilities, improved performance and an enhanced interface.

I don’t have to explain what the integration with the Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite means. Users of that suite know that it’s, well, a mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel and stuff), and you can imagine what the integration of the two means.

More info about the new APIs for developers can be found here and has its online presence here.

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