enhances mobile collaboration possibilities

Probably most of you will know It’s a web based content management and collaboration tool. It’s a bit comparable to Basecamp but there are differences between both.

I have been using Basecamp myself for ages, but recently I moved to For two simple reasons.

First, offers everything I need at a lower price. But most of all, has great integration possibilities with platforms such as LinkedIn,, eFax, Twitter, Google Apps, Zoho and Ning (via “OpenBox”), to name just a few.

And I haven’t even mentioned the possibilities to post from to your blog.

Anyway, that’s a personal note, Basecamp is great but simply suits me better. Social and integrated, remember?

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Customer-centricity, multichannel marketing, relevant content and CRM 2.0: has anything changed?

When talking about social CRM with people, the first company that is mentioned often is It is weird to see how people link a topic such as social CRM immediately with a company or platform.

However, social CRM is much more than that. Yes, it is also about having a holistic and multichannel view on your customers and prospects. And, yes, it’s about social networks and CRM platforms too.

But most of all, at least according to me, it’s about a customer-centric mindset.

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